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Handzzz UP!


In the game you will find few selections of images with words. You have to choose one and put your telephone on the forehead of player, who does not see it's screen and a word on it. Your team has to describe, show or explain the image, but not using the correct word or very similar words.The player should recognize the word as fast as possible!Holding it on the forehead, tilt it in front on 90 degrees if you guessed the word (friends will let you know) OR tilt it back to miss this card and move to the next one if you can't guess the meaning.You are given only 60 seconds!Handzzz UP! is a charade game similar to Crocodile - the best way of entertainment! Good mood, lots of fun and jokes are provided for sure with this application!You can play game only in two or in a much bigger team!
The game is available in English!
Good luck!